Thursday, 25 January 2007


Using crutches is a pain!!! Since yesterday afternoon, I've dropped a pizza and nearly fell twice!!! I have been feeling like eating pizza for weeks and finally decided to be unhealty last night. Serves me right! I ate half and dropped the other half. thankfully it stayed in the box although the floor got some toppings. So there I was cleaning the floor whilst avoiding putting any weight on one foot. Rather difficult.

I decided to go into work today to finish off some stuff and try to clear up my desk. Took me just over two hours to get ready!!! Showering was a challenge!!! People at work while showing concern also saw the lighter side of things (which one of de women beat you up? somebody man like he beat you for he woman! come leh me kick you in dah foot). I bought indian food for lunch. Bought 2 sets so that I could take home some for later. Actually it should last me about four meals! Not my old gluttonous self anymore. A year ago that would have been demolished in two sittings.

My left foot hurts more than my right when I am using the crutches. It looks so easy when people walk with them. And standing on one foot is not fun either. I had to do that this morning waiting on the cab and this evening waiting on the driver from work to take me home. The latter was worse as the medical shoe offers absolutely no protection from the elements. I am dreading the trip to the orthopaedist tomorrow- its going to be bloody cold, single digits in farenheit!!!

One minute we are having spring weather and record highs in January and the next its well below freezing. Global warming or as my dry cleaner says, global destruction. Don't tell the US Government that though!!!

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Mr. C said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Sorry to here about your podiatric problems. More worrying is your lack of appetite. I remember when you used to wolf down food! Half a pizza only - you must be ill.

Keep up the blogging and don't be disheartened if you don't get comments at first - there are plety of lurkers out there.

Take care