Friday, 26 January 2007


Good news about my knee. Mr. Orthopaedist read the MRI report, examined my knee, did more x-rays (I have been subjected to an inordinate amount of radiation recently!!!) and his conclusion was that most importantly there is no meniscal tear and the problem is not very serious. YIPPEEEE. According to him it just seems to be some tendonitis which rest and a brace will take care of. Obviously with my cast I can't wear a brace so I will have to wear it when the cast comes off, especially when I go to the gym. I am relieved at the good news. I was grinning like a clown in his office!

Besides the visit to the doc, I spent the rest of my day watching tv,
talking on the phone and came online for a little while. I love reading but somehow I wasn't in the mood to read today. I have some books on my shelf that I have not read or read a long time ago so reading material should not be a problem. When those are exhausted, there is always amazon and b&n :)