Thursday, 1 February 2007

Cou-cou and Flying Fish

I am living like I did when I was at university: a totally abnormal schedule. I was up until around 6 am this morning. Watched some tv and was online. I had some breakfast at 5, then was lying on the couch and fell asleep. Phone woke me up around half nine.

Steve took me to BJ’s today to pick up some stuff. I decided not to use the little motorised carts they provide for old/disabled people and walk using my crutches. It wasn’t really too bad. We stopped in at Culpeppers for a late lunch. Cou-cou and flying fish obviously. I have not had that in while. Also brought home some peas and rice and king fish which I guess I will have tomorrow. My fridge is full of food. I ordered three sets of Indian food on Tuesday to save me from having to order food every day. As I tell people, the reason refrigerators/ freezers were invented is to preserve food, so keeping food for a few days in the fridge and for longer in the freezer is fine with me. I’ve been doing it for a long time and nothing has happened to me.

As I expected, the West Indies got thrashed by India in the fourth and final one-day and duly lost the series 3-1. Lovely preparation by the World Cup hosts.

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