Saturday, 12 May 2007

Books and Pests

I have been working on cataloguing my books on and have nearly finished. I have done it the hard way: taking a set of books at a time in a bag to my computer. It’s not that I have much else going on in my life at the moment anyway and I am also a bit more mobile these days since I progressed from crutches to cane! The little red and black librarything widget close to the top of the page should take you to my list.

The pests next door have kept up their circus act. I was awoken this morning by shouting, screaming, running and doors slamming. When I looked at my clock it was 7:23 am! I am a deep sleeper so it takes a fair bit of noise to wake me up! I called the landlord later in the afternoon and told him that the situation had gone beyond ridiculous and there was no way I should have to wake up so early on a Saturday morning because of noisy neighbours. He said he would speak to the guy but either he didn’t or they ignored him because the noise continued for the rest of the day until I heard them leaving in the evening. Please don’t come back. Ever!

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