Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Weight Gain, Swimming and a Cricketing Legend

The doctor give me another six weeks home when I saw him yesterday, which means I will be indoors for most of spring! Spring is the best time of the year and I have to be inside. I am not a winter person but I also don’t like the extreme heat of a New York summer, so the arrival of the mild temperatures of spring is to my liking. I am not happy about this at all. It also means six more weeks of minimal activity and more time to put on weight. The time I have spent immobile at home has resulted in a realisation of one of my worse fears- putting back on all the weight I had lost last year. I will now have to work extra hard when I get back into the gym. The therapist has strongly suggested that I do some swimming to strengthen the muscles in my foot and the doctor agrees. The resistance in the water would help the muscles but there will be no weight bearing on the foot. I checked the YMCA near me yesterday but I have to be a member to use the pool. Membership is $55 a month plus a $110 initiation fee which I am not inclined to pay as I am already paying a tidy sum for my gym membership. Oh how I long for the sea! I have never been in a pool- the idea of a small body of water filled with sweaty bodies doing God knows what does not appeal to me. I prefer the sea but I guess in the interest of healing my foot I may have to bite the bullet and take to the pool. I will probably have to try and obtain some guest passes and at least get in a few sessions.

While I hate being stuck at home, I honestly do not miss my office, the UN or my job! My job can be exciting at times, but for the most part it is stressful, frustrating and an exercise in futility. Besides all of this I have to deal with various personalities and that is one of the most difficult and exasperating things to be burdened with!

On May 1st, 1951, Gordon Greenidge, one of the greatest openers in cricket history and a member of the finest opening pair cricket has seen was born. He possessed an excellent technique and matched it with brutal strokeplay- who can forget those vicious cuts and off-drives and the hook and pull executed with one foot in the air. Exactly forty years later, he would play his last test innings against Australia in Antigua. He made 43 before he was run out. He went on the subsequent tour to England but hurt his knee in the second one-day international and would never play for the West Indies again. Since his retirement and that of his opening partner Desmond Haynes, the West Indies has not managed to find a real opener. It is a sad indictment on our cricket when Chris Gayle is touted as the premier opener of the past few years!

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