Thursday, 17 May 2007

New Day, Same Old *^%$*

I bought the package to watch the cricket just before I went to bed last night and diligently woke up early… another day, another overseas test, another bad start! Sarwan began on the right foot by winning the toss and choosing to bowl first in bowler friendly conditions. The bowlers, not exactly boasting much pedigree in the first place and woefully short of match practice/ preparation in English conditions could not capitalise on the environment. To their credit they did put in a much better performance after lunch but England had already been given a platform to build on. Sarwan did a good job in his first match as official captain, especially his 7-2 field in the afternoon which forced the bowlers into bowling a much more disciplined line. I do think however that he should have bowled Bravo much earlier.

A special paragraph of criticism must be reserved for that entity which has largely destroyed our cricket and which is doing its utmost best to ensure that the game stands no chance of returning to its glorious days- WICB. Only idiocy can explain the Board agreeing to merely one three day practice match before the tests in a country where conditions play a major role in the game and where players from all over the world struggle to adapt. As if not having the most talented or mentally strong players is not enough! Obviously, the fact that the rain falls a lot in England was also ignored- the only practice match was ruined by bad weather. The WICB in its wisdom sent a poor team into a test series without any preparations! A pat on the back for the old boys!

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Genie X said...

Ooops! Read and responded to your 18th May post, before I read this. Here you have answered some of the questions I asked there and your brief comments confirmed my suspicions about training in reference to the West Indies team. They looked like lambs to the slaughter and now I am beginning to understand why. I wish I had more time to investigate the story behind West Indies cricket.

I am glad you are watching. Thanks for your commentary.