Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Insurance Battles and a Superpower’s Dim-witted Population

I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday- cortisone shot, reminder that I was not to be tempted into going out in the nice weather and advised to keep on alternating between boot and sneaker with a view towards giving up the boot. I am now up to three hours a day in sneakers. It has been ok, although the ankle strap and still slightly swollen foot means that the shoe starts to feel tight towards the end and my foot hurts a bit. My therapy has been put on hold this week as the therapist battles the insurance company to get authorisation for more sessions. For physical therapy, the insurance company works through a middle man company that assesses the therapist’s progress reports and makes a determination on the number of sessions required. In the first instance twelve sessions were authorised and upon a further request for twelve more, they only approved three. So some guy sitting in an office decides that someone who has only now reached the stage of walking with a cane and boot doesn’t need anymore physical therapy. I am far from regaining full mobility in my foot, I still cannot walk without assistance, my big toe still does not have the range of motion it should have, I still have tendonitis and pain in various parts of my foot, but this idiot in his response to the therapist has said that I should do foot exercises at home. What is worse is that when I called the insurance company, I was told that my plan allowed for as many sessions as the doctor and therapist thought I needed. However the request for authorisation must go through the middle company hired by my insurance and they have taken it upon themselves to be anal. I would like to see the fool face to face- my cane can be used for much more than helping me walk! I can only sympathise with the millions of people who cannot afford insurance and must suffer in the world’s most prosperous nation!

And speaking of the world’s most prosperous nation, have a look at these two videos posted on YouTube. There are other similar videos there so help yourselves to a laugh. I have lived in New York City for 2 ½ years and each day it perplexes me how this country remains a super power with such a stupid populace!

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These are sooooooooo funny!!! Just unbelievable!!!