Monday, 21 May 2007

Saving a Lord's Test and Saeed Anwar's 194

Did the rain save the West Indies from yet another defeat or did it save England from a humiliating ten wicket loss? West Indian fans would wish that the latter was true but the realists among us fans know that based on the past decade, the former is closer to the truth. Who can forget being bowled out for 54 in the second innings in the corresponding Lord’s test in 2000, a turning point as the West Indies has not beaten England in a test match since. I am just happy that the team showed some fight despite the limitations in the bowling department and the fragile batting line up and I hope they remain positive and keep battling on. The catching needs some serious work, the bowling needs to be more consistent and the top order needs to score hundreds. I would be tempted to play Fidel instead of Collymore or Taylor, both of whom looked out of sorts for most of the match. “Collyslow” produced a good spell on the fourth morning but I honestly can not see the value in playing a fast bowler who bowls slower than the part time slow and medium pace bowlers in either team, rarely gets wickets these days and is not exactly as economical as he is made out to be. It would be a better long term strategy to develop Morton’s medium pace and use him as a Collymore type bowler and play an extra pacer!

Ten years ago in Chennai against India, Saeed Anwar smashed 194 runs off of only 146 balls, breaking West Indian legend Viv Richards’ record of 189 runs made in 1984 against England at Old Trafford. Anwar’s 194 still remains the highest ever score in one day international history. On his day Anwar was as good as any bastman in the world and was a joy to watch when he got going with his graceful stroke play. Someone posted the highlights of his 194 on YouTube:


LeftAlign said...

I was at Lord's on day one and was very impressed with Powell. He looked to have a good action, was generating some decent pace and could have had a couple more wickets. Didn't know much about him before this series to be honest - I thought Fidel Edwards was the Windies' best bowler, and was surprised when he wasn't selected. I agree with your assessment of Collymore - it's a shame, as he looked very good when he was younger. I heard he's had a lot of injuries though.

As for the result, clearly we'll never know but I think they could have batted out the day, especially as Hoggard was injured, Harmison was out to lunch again and Plunkett and Collingwood were pretty harmless. So would probably have been up to Monty to take all 10 wickets for England, and he's good but not that good.

Thanks for posting the Saeed Anwar video - that was quite an innings! I thought only Viv Richards could flick the ball over midwicket for six like that.

individuality1977 said...

Powell has been around for a while but wasn’t a permanent fixture. Andy Roberts saw something in him so he has benefited from that confidence. I don’t think he is the best we have but from watching him and hearing him speak he seems to work hard and has his head screwed on right and I will take that any day over someone who wastes their talent.

Edwards has lots to offer but the reports about him speak of poor attitude towards training and practice and if that is the case he will remain where he is- no where! What annoys me is that he made his amazing debut against Sri Lanka before Malinga who has a similar round arm unorthodox action was playing but Malinga has worked hard and came on leaps and bounds while Edwards has remained stagnant and content to wallow in mediocrity.