Thursday, 5 July 2007

Arthroscopy and Indigenous Sacrifices

I went to the orthopaedist on Tuesday. I saw a different one who came to the same conclusion as the first- the ongoing and worsening pain and the laxity in my knee was a cause for concern and an arthroscopy would shed some light about the cause and also allow for proper treatment. I am therefore scheduled to have the procedure done on July 11th. I am due to go back to work on the 9th but I also have to see the podiatrist the same day so he can give me the all clear. Obviously I will not be going back to work until later in July now that I am having surgery on my knee!

In February I had written a post about environmental dilemmas and I came across an article today that markedly highlights this predicament. The Madidi National Park in Bolivia is rich in biological diversity and indigenous culture. It is also rich in natural resources and is therefore being viewed as a source to drive economic development for the entire country. While the notion of the collective good and economic prosperity for all is lofty, the issue of irreversible damage to the environment and native culture is just as critical. For centuries, indigenous people have had to pay the price for the desire of other people to enrich themselves and the cycle shows no sign of stopping.

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