Thursday, 5 July 2007

My Apartment Just Doesn’t Feel the Same

My sister and her family left early this morning at 6 am. My apartment is eerily quiet and doesn’t feel right after the past few days of activity. The two little ones are a handful but they brought lots of joy to my place for a few days and I am going to miss them.

They will now have to readjust back to life in Barbados after spending almost two years in a totally different environment in Athens, Ohio. My sister will go back to her old job teaching Sociology, my brother in law will have to look for a job and my nephew will have to go to school. He is going to have a shock because his idea of school is what his mother did in Athens! My niece is still too young to go to primary school so she may get to stay home another year if they decide not to send her to pre-school.

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BarbadosInFocus / PictureInFocus said...

Just relax and enjoy the peace. You might find you like it after all.