Friday, 27 July 2007

TGIF and Freecycling

My first week back at work and already I am happy to see the weekend! I’m back in the groove and don’t feel as if I was away. I am tired though and it is going to take my foot some time to get used to walking so much, climbing subway stairs, bearing all my weight etc.

I also had my first session of physical therapy for my knee this afternoon. It is a similar routine to when I started therapy for my foot- electrical stimulation, ice pack and ultrasound- except that I am doing exercises right from the beginning instead of after a few sessions. I also have to do the exercise twice a day at home as I had to do for my foot.

One of the links on my sidebar is to, an excellent site that allows people to give away items instead of throwing them into the garbage, thereby reducing waste and saving landfill space. I was able to get an ankle weight from someone who had used it as part of their rehabilitation from a knee injury and so as soon as the physical therapist introduces weights into my routine I will be able to do the same at home.

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