Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Surgery Early in the Morning!

My knee arthroscopy is tomorrow. I have not really been thinking about it much and actually just wanted it to be over and done with as the pain in my knee has just been increasingly getting worse. However when the hospital called me around 5 pm today to give me the time of the surgery and the time I have to get there etc it hit me that I was going to be on an operating table in less than twenty-four hours! The procedure is scheduled at 8:30 am and I have to report to the hospital at 6:30. Thankfully the driver from work will take me. I should be ready to go home around 12:30/ 1 pm so a friend will come to the hospital around that time and will call the driver when I am released to take us back home. I have to stop thinking about it before I get too nervous! I am a bit of a loner and prefer my own company but it is at times like this that you miss your family!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mo,

You are a trooper and will pull through this like the champion you are. Try not to worry too much. Get some rest and remember that things will get better hereafter.The surgeons are adept at what they do so you are in good hands.

Will check in on you tomorrow.

Despite the inability to be physically present, I'm still thinking about you. Remember your friends love you.

Take care until.


Colonise This! said...

Wow! Hope it goes well. I'll be sending good vibes through the universe to you.

LeftAlign said...

I guess it will be done by now, but just wanted to wish you all the best. I can relate to how you were feeling - I'm a loner too, but at times like that you do need some company! Hope it wasn't too bad for you in the end, and that the operation succeeds in taking some of the pain away.

individuality1977 said...

Thanks for your support and best wishes. Surgery went well and so far I only had to take one painkiller yesterday afternoon for post surgery pain.

esskaym said...

Wishing you well and a speedy recovery.